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Replace TODO in index files with Capitalized folder name

September 2, 2017 Leave a comment

for file_path in $(find -type f -name $file_name); do 
  dir=$(basename $(dirname $file_path))
  sed -i -e "s/$pattern/$word/g" $file_path

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Using on Linux with Zoiper SIP client

March 16, 2015 Leave a comment

I use for international phone calls, using a Grandstream HandyTone IP-to-analog adapter installed in our house, but also using a SIP-capable “softphone” application.

Update: Open Source SIP client software like Linphone, SFLphone, Ekiga or others are preferrable to the below mentioned closed source applications. I successfully use Linphone now, which is also the only Open Source softphone that is explicitly listed by sipgate on their supported devices page.

Below is the original post about Zoiper, which might be of interest if you for some reason don’t like Linphone.

On Windows I have successfully used the PhonerLite freeware (binary download at no charge, proprietary licensed closed-source), which is not available for Linux.

But today I found out, that Sipgate also recommends a SIP client called Zoiper, which is available for Linux. It is also closed-source freeware. But at least – unlike Skype – the installer package has support for 32bit and 64bit Linux systems and the company behind Zoiper seems to develop for all target platforms equally (Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Windows, Linux, Mac, Web Browsers).

The Zoiper website has detailed step-by-step installation instructions. To summarize, the installation works like this, assuming the downloaded file is Zoiper_3.3_Linux_Free_32Bit_64Bit.tar.gz :

tar xvzf Zoiper_3.3_Linux_Free_32Bit_64Bit.tar.gz
sudo ./

I specified /opt/zoiper as the installation directory.

Then I added an account like this (my SIP account username is 3998984, this is not the web login user name):


The audio devices (speaker, mic) can be configured and tested using the “Audio wizard”:


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