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Copenhagen Wheel – awesome hybrid bicycle motor with mobile app support

January 30, 2014 1 comment

This was done by City of Kopenhagen and MIT in Boston. It looks really cool and Boston is not that far from Halifax. Maybe it’s time for a visit:

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Uncertain future for Excito Bubba home servers

September 17, 2013 Leave a comment

I own an Excito Bubba/2 file and print server, running Debian Squeeze. Mostly I am quite happy with it.

Now recently the CTO of the Swedish manufacturer announced that Excito is shifting focus, the Bubba/3 product is not marketed on the main website anymore, but sold off at discount prices on their web store.

This shift seems to be a logical step given the split of the originally 4 founders of the company a few years ago and Excito’s ongoing struggle to support the versatile Debian based Bubba servers.

Tor Krill
and PA Nilsson, the two founders who left Excito a while ago formed OpenProducts and were planning to take over support of the B3, but recently decided to cancel that takeover.

It is uncertain if Excito’s Bubba product line and its customized Debian distribution will survive. Open-sourcing their proprietary Debian packages would certainly be nice. I have tried to initiate a discussion on the Excito forums about this.

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