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Recursively compare content of two directories

August 31, 2017 Leave a comment

Command line

This requires the diff and vim packages.

diff --recursive /dir/ect/ory1 /dir/ect/ory2 > 1_vs_2.diff
vimdiff 1_vs_2.diff

Potentially useful diff options:



Install Intellij CE.

Then either Run IntelliJ Diff from the command-line.

Or from within a running Intellij window:

  • Open a common parent directory as a project
  • Select the two directories to compare
  • Right-click – Compare Directories


I often see the GPL-licensed WinMerge tool recommended, But it works only on Windows, last release was 2013 and navigation into sub-directories and file diffs is a bit clunkier than in Intellij.

Java software engineering – reference resources

February 28, 2014 Leave a comment

My first ~/.vimrc

February 11, 2014 Leave a comment

I recently progressed from “the little vim-avoider who would if he only could” level to someone who actually edits his ~/.vimrc sometimes. So now I don’t want to forget the little I have learned and post it here:

" pointless reminder how i fixed vim issues on cygwin 
" existence of ~/.vimrc already triggers nocompatible mode
set nocompatible

" highlight all search pattern matches
set hlsearch

" i use light or even white background, vim to use readable colors
set bg=light

" use syntax highlighting
syntax on
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