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Klassikradio MP3 streams

Klassikradio is a German radio station with an easy-to-digest selection of classical music, movie themes and other relaxing sounds, with not too many commercials.

They have many channels, all available as mp3 streams. The full list and links to the streams can be found at http://stream.klassikradio.de/

On my computers, I have saved the m3u files for all the 192kb streams. I retrieved them using one convenient wget command and then moved them to my media/radio folder.

These are the shell commands (works on Linux, Unixes, Cygwin and probably MacOS):

mkdir -p media/radio
wget http://stream.klassikradio.de/ -r -l1 -A '*.m3u' \
--accept-regex '.*\/mp3-192\/stream\.klassikradio\.de\/play\.m3u'
cd stream.klassikradio.de
for channel in *; do
mv "${channel}/mp3-192/stream.klassikradio.de/play.m3u" \
cd ; rm -rf stream.klassikradio.de

M3U files are the easiest way to “bookmark” media streams to be played by an audio player of your choice, outside the web browser.

I use the VLC player with the “Allow only one instance” setting and configure it as the default application for *.m3u files.

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