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JavaOne 2014 keynote ends awkwardly

Today we watched the JavaOne Technical Keynote at my workplace and the content was fine but a little stale, mostly rehashing last year’s messages, some might even say JavaOne 2014 was “off to a timid start“.

The technical keynote was the final part of a day of keynotes on Sep 28th. Mark Reinhold (Java Platform Architect) looked back at the history of Java, talked about Java 8 and briefly about Project Jigsaw (modules for Java). Then Brian Goetz (Java Language Architect) was finally starting to talk about exciting new initiatives for Java 10 and beyond.

At that point the keynote ended almost rudely, as Reinhold first told Goetz to speed things up, just to then cut him off a few minutes later, taking the slide clickers from him, quickly skipping through remaining slides in awkward silence and ending it with a curt “Have a good week” to the audience.

How unprofessional! Reinhold could have at least smoothed it over by saying that Goetz was trying to explain cool stuff like Value types and refer to a JavaOne session that will go into the details.

Or allow for 10 extra minutes, but maybe Oracle management was too inflexible for that. What a shame and how ironic that the longer term future of Java technology was not important enough. What was the motto of the conference again? “Create the future”? But don’t talk about it for too long, I guess.

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