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How I manage my website logins (using Firefox)

This blog post describes how I manage my many website logins (usernames, passwords). I am very interested in how I can improve my current approach. I want it to be highly secure and highly convenient. Please feel free to add your comments and suggestions!

I try to use secure passwords for all of my web accounts, i.e. long random combinations of “special characters”, mixed case letters and numbers. They are usually so secure that I definitely cannot remember them.

So I let my web browser remember, manage and auto-fill my website logins. I use

The approach works well and I never have to memorize my passwords. But my worries are:

  • Is Firefox Sync data as secure as Mozilla claims it is?
  • What can happen if malicious hackers gain access to the Firefox Sync servers?
  • Is the Triple-DES encryption with cipher block chaining that is allegedly used for local password storage in the Firefox profile secure enough (especially given this long-standing bug)?
  • Is it a bad idea to let Firefox even remember my online banking, Paypal and other sensitive passwords?
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  1. December 15, 2013 at 23:23

    I was also trying out Firefox FIPS mode for added security, but that turned out to be incompatible with Firefox sync: See Mozilla bugs 443386 and 578136 and this thread on the Mozilla support forum.

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