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Firefox NoScript and browserling.com

I blogged a while ago about the great browser testing service browserling.com.

Recently I have been getting error messages like “You are already using another session” (when signed in at browserling.com) or “You are already using the service from the same IP address (…). Please log in.” (when not logged in). It looked like somehow the site had stopped working for me.

Today I figured out (with some help from the friendly staff at browserling.com), that the NoScript extension that I use in my Firefox browser was causing the problem, apparently due to the fact that browserling.com uses changing IP addresses on their site (for their virtual browser VMs, I guess) and JavaScript related server-side URLs that identify the host (the VM) by IP address only (and not via a permanent hostname or domain). That seems to have confused NoScript (or maybe just confused me) and somehow important JavaScript was not run which caused the bogus error messages.

So the errors finally stopped when I selected “Allow all this page” in the NoScript menu:


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