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JavaOne 2012 and Oracle OpenWorld slides and videos available

Now that JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld 2012 are officially over, a lot of the slide decks and session recording videos are becoming available in the Content Catalog. You can explore sessions via the “Sessions” tab or the “Speakers” tab and filter by conference type, track and other criteria. The filter selection is done via the combo-boxes on the left.

Please note: The availability of full video for all sessions is apparently a novelty for JavaOne, as pointed out on the JavaOne 2012 blog.

Due to the large number of sessions and files on the site, you might have to click a “Get more results” link on the bottom of a page several times to actually see all results.

Once you find an interesting session, click on the “View More” link. This will cause a popup with session details, but you can also open the same “View More” link in a new tab (e.g. middle-click or CTRL+click) and it will be opened as a full page. On each of these session details pages, try the links in the “Presentation Download” and “Media” section on the right. They should point you to slides as PDF file or a video as embedded MP4 file, respectively.

The PDF and MP4 files are also listed on the so-called Virtual Collateral Rack tab. Each file is identified by the unique session identifier which is also used in the Sessions tab of the Content Catalog.

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