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Tested oliver.doepner.net on all major browsers

I just tested my personal “résumé” – British folks would say “CV” – website at oliver.doepner.net successfully on IE8, IE9, Firefox 3.6 to 9, latest and older Chrome versions, Opera 10 and 11 and Safari 4 and 5.1. It works on all browsers and looks fine.

You might wonder if I have all these browser installed? No, I don’t. I used the amazing browserling.com service that runs all the various browsers in virtual machines “in the cloud”, and embeds the UI in their website. Cool stuff and currently free for everyone to use!

One caveat with browserling.com is a tool called IETester that they use to emulate the ancient IE5.5 and IE6 browsers. Its seems to have bugs related to PNG graphics which prevented reliable testing. So if anyone out there still uses IE5.5 or IE6: Please visit oliver.doepner.net and let me know if you can see the photo of me on the page with the transparency effect.

On the newer CSS3 capable browsers, my site now sports drop shadows and rounded corners, using border-radius and box-shadow.

I also tested W3C standards compliance (HTML5, CSS3) and all my pages did pass those tests as well, except for some stuff caused by bugs in the CSS3 validator at w3.org. What a nice way to end the computer oriented part of the day …

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